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With full design and both glass and metal fabrication abilities, AMG does it all!

Expert Design

Our estimators have over 60+ years combined experience.  With their vast knowledge and experience they can engineer and design any type of glass or metal build to even the most detailed specifications.


Consistency is what builds brand equity and it is important to our success. When contractors, builders, developers and/or owners – anyone we do business with – come to us, they know they can count on a consistent level of quality and service. Consistency reduces and eliminates risk in a construction project. Our commitment and focus on consistency is one reason for our success.


For AMG, learning, growing, asking, wondering “what if…” and staying ahead of industry trends allows us to offer tremendous value when we find new solutions that enhance the design and improve the functionality of a building. We want contractors to bring their most challenging projects to us! By focusing on Ingenuity and Innovation, we bring excitement, curiosity and passion to every project. All of which helps us to stand out.

Integrity & Trust

Having integrity means we spend the time needed to fully investigate the details and conditions of a project before submitting a bid. As a result, our clients know they can trust us.


About Us

At AMG Glass & Metal we value our customers and ensure our promise to be delivered through every partnership.

AMG Glass & Metal is a well-established company specializing in Commercial Store Front, Curtain Wall, Window Wall, Architectural Metals and much more. Founded in 1983, AMG has obtained and completed over 50 million dollars in construction, which has made the company one of the most sought after subcontractors in the field. We provide value, service, and products at the highest level.

We work 24/7

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We are very proud to be serving our local area for over 40 years!
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